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An Older Body Getting Older Remembers

This essay is an excerpt from the upcoming paperback edition of my book of essays, Hiking the Horizontal

As I advance through my sixties, people are curious about my experience now that I am reaching the age of many of the older dancers with whom I’ve worked over the course of my career. I am curious too.

Sometimes I step off a curb and I think I am leaping again.

Sometimes when I picture my back curving it feels like I am dancing at summer camp.

Occasionally, if I put on the right shoes (for some reason mostly the plastic jellies), I can walk at a certain pace and put pressure on the ground in a certain way, and I really believe I can do all those steps and figures and phrases I used to do.

Or if I am in rehearsal and see an opportunity in front of me, a way for one dancer to touch another or a move that could happen between them, I am shocked—when I insert myself to demonstrate—that I can’t actually do it.

In fact I am astonished.

I think this must be what a phantom limb is like. The feeling is more real that reality. I am not sad or confused. I try to savor the experience. And who knows, maybe I did it after all.


2 thoughts on “An Older Body Getting Older Remembers

  1. And yet you see the opportunity. The choreographer sees how we might move yet more eloquently — while we still can. I suspect you did find some way to “demonstrate”: you can, after all, still point. And I’ve always known you to be a person who points in the right direction.

  2. When I see a remarkable dance/dancer I feel free and elated… as if I could also dance the dance. This is not new… i.e. I remember seeing a film of Ulanova many years ago. I left the theater feeling as if I were dancing on point… but is even more surprising today. I go home and perform a former dance in my dreams. Or maybe I just do my Tai Chi form in my head and feel the energy flowing through my physical body. 🙂 Laurie

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